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BancorX is an open source cross-chain liquidity protocol that can be accessed for free by other exchanges, decentralized applications, and other services. In addition, Bancor also announced a 500,000BNT bounty program for developers to imprBuy things with bitcoinove Bancor's EOS contract and user interface.

The rise of EOS is not accidental. Here, a stranger is here to briefly talk about several reasons why EOS is so popular. In this article, the stranger even put aside the technical level first. After all, many professionals have done the interpretation of the technical level. They only start from their personal understanding and talk about the wonders of EOS.

Answer: Judging from the current central bank Digital Currency Research Institute for using digital currency chips for offline payment transactions and method patents, DCEP can already achieve single offline payment. Regarding the dual offline payment that everyone is concerned about, the current technology patents have not yet explained how to solve the dual spending problem in the dual offline situation, so we need to wait for more technology patents to be disclosed in the future. However, the double-spending problem is not only solved by technology. At present, the central bank has stipulated that DCEP can only be used in small retail scenarios, to a certain extent, to avoid the huge losses caused by the double spending problem; on the other hand, the premise of the traditional double spending problem is that the user has the motivation and ability to do evil, but In reality, we can rely on the legal system and regulatory measures to ensure that users do not dare to do evil, or can pay after double spending occurs.

On September 10, 2018, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) simultaneously approved two stablecoins based on Ethereum, GUSD and PAX. The two stablecoins are linked 1:1 to the US dollar. At present, GUSD has issued a total of 10,035, and PAX has issued a total of 4,775.

As everyone knows, we are talking about digitalization. The word digitization is an ancient topic. Why is it an ancient topic? More than 2500 years ago, a Greek scientist and philosopher named Pythagoras said that everything is a number. He said that the relationship between numbers can explain the world, and numbers are the rulers of the universe. He said that the universe is made up of numbers. Everyone witnesses the science of the universe. He said that people are also made up of numbers. To describe a person, you must first know how tall and how old the person is. Talking about how this person’s body is, how much blood pressure, pulse, and finally blood sugar and blood lipids, etc., we went to the hospital to check all the numbers. Human health has become digital. The prophecy of Pythagoras is being realized by modern people.

In essence, crime is caused by the environment, not based on the wrong technology. Just like when criminals robbed a bank, people did not accuse the U.S. dollar. Therefore, there is nothing wrongBuy things with bitcoin with blockchain and cryptocurrency; although Professor Steve Hanke, an applied economist at Hopkins University, disagrees with this view, he said:

This article will explain how to use advanced methods to value Bitcoin. We will focus on three important trends in the current world: the demand for digital cash, the demand for a global neutral settlement network, and the demand for hedging the existing financial system. Since the supply of Bitcoin is fixed (substituents are hard to come by), the price largely depends on the demand to hold it. Based on these three trends, the future demand for Bitcoin may create huge upside for existing holders.

Bitcoin adjusts its mining difficulty every 2016 blocks (approximately 14 days). Compared with BCH, which adjusts every block (approximately every 10 minutes), there is a significant lag. Which adjustment method do you think is more reasonable? why? Welcome to share your views in the message area.

"2013 is not about surveillance. Surveillance is a mechanism used to discuss conversations that affect us all. Even in a free and open society, governments are becoming more and more accustomed to making decisions without a democratic process. We Without voting on these systems, the court did not rule on whether they were unconstitutional."

The third halving is expected to occur in May 2020. People have made some bold predictions about the price of Bitcoin: Bitcoin bull and billionaire Tim Draper believes that the price of a Bitcoin may soar to $250,000; Buffett 'sBooks founder PrestonPysh said that Bitcoin may surge to $300,000 after the halving; former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager RaoulPal predicts that the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million within 3 years; the founding of the Dark Web Silk Road Ross Ulbricht predicts that the price of a bitcoin may reach an astronomical figure of 3.3 billion US dollars.

Stacking satoshis helps to clarify a concept, you don’t have to buy a full bitcoin. You can only buy one hundred millionth of Bitcoin. (Blue Fox notes: People often think that they need to buy at least one bitcoin. Considering that bitcoin is verBuy things with bitcoiny expensive nowadays, it costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Many people outside the bitcoin community don’t know that there is actually bitcoin. A smaller unit of Satoshi, 1 Bitcoin = 1 billion Satoshi)