Bitcoin is a scam

The characteristics of EOS, especially the third feature, determine that games based on itBitcoin is a scam can meet the needs of low latency and smooth interaction, while being able to handle commercial-level application requirements. This is also the reason why EOS is more used in games. But like Ethereum, EOS officially does not provide the corresponding random number generation function. The Ethereum official has recommended users to use the Oraclize library outside the chain to generate random numbers.

In addition, currency must be easy to flow. If you have to carry a pile of flint for every transaction, it will be too heavy (it was good in ancient times, and the transaction frequency was very low. Nowadays, people are trading every day. If you buy a bottle of yogurt, you have to take out stones or shells. trouble). Currency also needs to be durable, not like rice. In case it is eaten by rats at night or rots over time, its value will be lost. The currency must also be safe, can be verified for authenticity, and can be divided. Finally, money must be scarce, not like air and water. Although it is useful but everywhere, it cannot bear the function of storing value and medium of exchange.

Whether it is the popularity and influence of the Winklevoss brothers, the trading volume of the Gemini exchange, the weight of the NYDFS (New York State Department of Financial Services), and the insured amount of only 250,000 US dollars (the US dollars issued by GUSD are stored in On an onshore bank account in the United States, this account is subject to FDIC deposit insurance). From these perspectives, GUSD is unlikely to be the final version of the blockchain version of the US dollar stable currency.

Risk of outbreak. Both incidents revealed a sudden explosion of related projects and companies that wanted to use the technology. During the Internet bubble, hundreds of companies were established. In 1999, there were 457 companies conducting initial public offerings (IPOs), most of which were high-tech companies. In March 2000, during the peak of the market, a total of 715 companies were listed on the Nasdaq. ICOs in the cryptocurrency industry are similar. In 2017, CoinSchedule recorded 210 ICOs, up from 43 in 2016. These ICOs raised more than $6 billion in funds. In 2018, more than 70 tokens have been sold so far.

Tilly said that the reason why regulators do not approve bitcoin exchange-traded products (such as the pending exchange-traded fund (ETF) application) is because regulators cannot protect investors from market manipulation that they cannot control. He concluded that as long as this question is answered, obtaining ETN is not a problem.

For investors, GBTC not only lowers the threshold, but also solves security issues such asBitcoin is a scam platform runaways and coin loss. In addition, because the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax documents have been updating the rules, U.S. cryptocurrency investors have a headache for paying taxes. Especially for large investment institutions, once they make a mistake about the taxable amount, they may have to pay more taxes or even fines. GBTC can avoid the problem of taxes and fees.

The current browser mining mode projects include CoinHive and JSECoin. However, some current browser mining modes have also encountered some problems. For example, some browser mining projects directly use the user’s computing power for browser mining without the user’s consent, and even slow down the system. These browser mining projects are therefore included in the malware category by anti-malware programs. . These security software will detect and block these unauthorized cryptocurrency mining script programs through scanning programs. Google even considered adding chrome plug-ins to block browser mining sites for cryptocurrencies.

At that time, Mikko was attracted to Bitcoin. He often discussed Bitcoin with some liberals on Douban and started research on monetary theory. Then he got to know the roast cat, who had handed over 5 million assets to Mikko before disappearing (the original plan was 10 million, in two phases, the roast cat disappeared before the second phase was delivered). Mikko believes that the wealth effect of Bitcoin has attracted a group of boring people into this circle, which disappointed him. Therefore, at the end of 2014, he chose to clear the stock and retreat.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a well-known American business management consulting company, recognized as a pioneer in the field of strategic management consulting. BCG has been established for nearly 60 years, with offices in more than 90 cities in more than 50 countries, with more than 16,000 employees, more than 900 partners and more than 20,000 alumni. In 2018, its official website repeatedly mentioned the huge commercial potential of the digital economy. In August 2018, the report "BCG Global Challenger 2018-Digital Drive; Thousand Miles in One Day" was released in August 2018, revealing the list of the top 100 global challengers in 2018. Nearly 60% of the companies on the list are either digital native companies or digital technology users. Compared with 2012, only 17% of enterprises have applied digital technology extensively.