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According to whallealert data, at 02:0380 million usdts were transferred from bitfinex to firecoin exchange. Prior to thigithub bitcoin wallets, tether Treasury transferred 80 million usdts to bitfinex at 01:59, and bitfinex transferred 80 million usdts to tether Treasury at 02:02, which was a chain exchange.

This is the most conservative estimate. Pal believes that bitcoin could even reach $250000 because of the large amount of institutional capital flowing into the bitcoin market. Pal believes that the latest rise in bitcoin is quite different from that in the 2017. It is believed that the bubble in 2017 was mainly driven by retail investors. According to pal, most of the extra supply of bitcoin is currently being absorbed by PayPal, square and grayscale, which have recently adopted encryption services. He believes the resulting tight supply is a catalyst for bitcoin's recent surge. I've never seen a market where supply and demand are so unbalanced. He pointed out that macroeconomic factors are favorable to the special currency. Although the news of the new coronavirus vaccine raises hopes for a rapid economic recovery, governments may need to introduce additional monetary stimulus to sustain the economy. Pal believes this will lead to a devaluation of the French currency. He believes that, together with low interest rates, it will push bitcoin prices to a new high. It's life changing. No other asset can rise 5, 10, 20 times in a short period of time.

According to the data center of ourbit platform, as of 11:00 today, the trading volume of perpetual contract of ourbit exchange in the past 24 hours was as high as RMB 75.142 billion, up or down 45.70% in 24 hours.

Eth contract is now quoted at US $515.04, a discount of US $1.04 compared with the spot price, up or down 9.48% in 24 hours. The trading volume was 7.3714 million, and the turnover was 183.7211 million US dollars. The current total position was 1156900 hands, which was - 138900 hands compared with the previous trading day.

Over the same period, BTC prices rose from a low of $18080 on December 1 to a short-term high of $19610. If BTC short-term upward price breakthrough, then this may be related to the lower dollar index. After all, during the recent consecutive retreat of the US dollar index, it has reached its lowest level since April 2018.

According to aicoin data: from 14:30 to 14:55 today, okexbtc completed six contracts in the current quarter, with a total of 11.438 million US dollars of large orders, with an average purchase price ofgithub bitcoin wallet 19749.82 US dollars.

Users can use this function to trade through web and API (app will be launched soon), which greatly improves capital utilization and user experience.

6. On December 10, the BTC balance of the exchange decreased by more than 43000, the largest one-day decline since August 24, 2017.

According to cointelleger, augmented reality (AR) artist sutu, in collaboration with Canadian DJ and producer deadmau5, will launch an NFT artwork in superrare at 17:00 U.S. Eastern time on December 15 (6:00 on December 16, Beijing time). Intitan's light is a 30 second video with a segment from the deadmau5 audio work satrn.