Bitcoin price prediction

In May this year, Mars cloud mine launched the lowest water rich electricity price of 0.19 yuan for the whole network, and this batBitcoin price predictionch of mining products have recovered more than 90% of the cost in just five months.

The official announcement of firecoin said that the global station of firecoin has resumed the leveraged trading of BCH / usdt, BCH / BTC and BCH.

The okex platform will bear all the construction costs of eth2.0 nodes and the risk of penalty and forfeiture (slash) on the chain for users, and all the profits on the chain will be distributed to users. In addition, users participating in okexeth2.0 pledge can obtain additional usdt rewards on the basis of mining income.

According to coindesk on December 9, through cooperation with the node hosting service staged, myetherwallet now provides its browser and mobile wallet users with the service of pledging eth to Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain deposit contract.

According to beincrypto, the valuedefi team released an after the fact analysis report on the $5.4 million loss caused by the lightning loan attack. It said it would develop a compensation plan for victims, which would be co funded by development funds, insurance funds and part of the costs of the agreement. A user who claimed to be a nurse tried to contact the attacker, saying that he had invested his life savings (nearly $100000) into the project and asked the attacker to return the money. Many twitter watchers immediately questioned the user's authenticity. Surprisingly, the attacker did donate $50000 worth of stable currency to the user.

According to harvest finance, the protocol has supportedBitcoin price prediction hbtcfarm mining strategy. Users can transfer the hbtclp token deposited in the HBTC pool on curve to the CRV:HBTC To automatically excavate CRV and farm,

Wave network The market showed that eth rose in shock, breaking through 610usdt. It is now 610.42usdt, up 6.73% in 24h.

Derivatives platform bitwellceo jeffyoung posted an open letter to the community on its official website. Jeff revealed bitwell's Roadmap in an open letter. According to the roadmap, bitwell divides its development into three stages: Genesis era, dawn era and hero era, with platform token well entering the circulation chain as the time node. Among them, bitwell sustainability contract is under full development and is expected to be launched soon. Bitwell will launch the community partner and institutional partner program in the dawn era, which will allow users to deeply participate in the governance of the platform. In addition, in the era of heroes, bitwell will also launch a community bonus program. The perpetual contract has opened the real offer two-way opening function (supporting usdt settlement). At present, the web end, Android terminal and IOS side have fully supported this function. Welcome to the real offer to experience the transaction. The two-way position model of perpetual contract means that the investor can hold both long and short positions under one contract.

Due to the upgrade of AE wallet, hotcoin global has suspended AE recharge withdrawal, and the transaction will not be affected. Please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific opening time of hotcoin global AE.

Eth contract is now quoted at $549.37, a discount of $1.04 compared with the spot price, up or down - 6.85% in 24 hours. The trading volume was 4.4609 million, and the turnover was 126.7431 million US dollars. The current total position was Bitcoin price prediction1.9825 million hands, which was - 96100 hands compared with the previous trading day.