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From the perspective of sectors, there are 27 main board companies (accounting for%), 78 small and medium-sized board companies (accounting for%), 31 GEM companies (accounting for%) and 13 Science and Technology Innovation BoardCryptocurrency Bitcoin halved Companies (accounting for%). It shows that the current private equity institutions still prefer to find opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to grow.

The latest news, the company plans to buy back 100 million yuan of shares; India allows heparin manufacturers to raise prices.

The Frankfurt based institution has been criticized for not cutting interest rates, but its deposit rates are already as low as -%, and further cuts could cause more pain for banks.

In a total of 39 typical star private equity strategy products (involving 36 large and medium-sized well-known stocks) established for three years, only 11 products have achieved positive returns, accounting for less than 30%.

The number of science and technology stocks above 100 yuan accounted for more than 60%. Among the top 10 stocks, 6 were technology stocks, and 14 were top 20 science and technology stocks.

The new rules, announced on Wednesday, further plunged airlines inCryptocurrency Bitcoin halvedto crisis and caused chaos at airports as passengers scrambled to return from Europe to the United States.